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Hi there,
My name is Mardhiah Qurratu' Aini. Also known as D'ya Marshmello.
I started blogging exactly on 2011. That was almost 5 years ago and now i am 19teen. Time travels so fast, isn't it? And i cant even believe that i'hv just finished test and all tutorials given by lecturers.

I love fashion, blogging and travel. I am food lover and i really love food very much hiks. I hope my readers would enjoy reading my blog. May Allah ease every task for me and you, InsyaAllah.

It's been a tough journey lately. But yet im grateful every trials helps me to draw myself closer to Allah. Im not perfect person, everyone makes mistakes. To be loved  by a person you love is blessing. But to marry someone you love is a greater blessing! Until then, have a nice day!

Dya Marshmello <3

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