Road Trip to Krabi-Hatyai-Songkla 5 Days 4 Night

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Greetings. Have a nice day everyone.

       Hello gais! How was your day? I'm gonna share with you my last time road trip to Krabi-Hatyai-Songkla 5 days 4 night. I just started my holiday as Wednesday is public holiday which is Thaipusam. Everything is unplanned and unexpected. We check for flight ticket but its too expensive. At the end, we decided to go by ETS train from KL Central to Padang Besar about 5 hours. We knew that Thailand is one of top destinations in the world and that it's usually the number one country for first time travelers to Asia. Even though we greatly wished we could have stayed longer, 3 days was just enough (actually not enough :p) to visit some beautiful islands, get to know the villages and people and see beautiful sunsets. Before that, check you things first! Here's is my simple checklist ;

     The view is beautiful and the train ride from KL Sentral to Padang Besar and offers a stunning view of the green paddy field. Actually this my first time trip go backpacking by train. Love the experience and found it exciting and awesome! You guys can check and booking online and get to see ticket schedule and availability. Click HERE to book online. We choose ETS Platinum as its takes shorter time. What is different between ETS Platinum and ETS Gold? 

  • ETS Gold – takes slightly longer time because it stops at most stops
  • ETS Platinum – generally takes slightly shorter time and passengers will get complimentary snacks on–board

So here is intinerary of our trip. Hope it helpful for you :)

Day 1

- Depart 6:40 AM ETS from KL central to Padang Besar. RM102 per head for platinum class
- Arrived around 12-1PM at Padang Besar.
- Buy a train ticket to Hatyai RM10 per head.
- Train To Hatyai depart at 3pm (Malaysia time). Waiting another train at  immigration counter below.
- Departure train at 3PM and took 45 min to Hatyai from Padang Besar.
- After reached Hatyai train station, we took tuk tuk to bus terminal. 100 Bhat for 2 person.
- Buy bus ticket to Krabi 160 Bhat per person.
- Bus depart at 6:30 pm about 4-5 hour to Krabi town.
- We reached at Krabi town at 11pm. No tuk tuk because last Tuk Tuk at 6pm

- Last minute, we took private taxi and he charged us  600 Bhat for 2 person. About 20 min to  Ao Nang, Krabi

- Then, we walk in and stay at Machorat Hotel. Quite good because location is near to beach, friendly & helpful staff. Easy to get halal food.

Day 2

- I woke up late at noon. So just walk along the street and having lunch
- Looking package for 7 Islands Sunset. It cost 800 Baht per person. If you lucky, you also can nego to get cheaper price
- Walk along the street, Thai food hunting & shopping some souvenier

Day 3

- Wait tuk tuk driver in front of hotel. He pick up us at 12pm. Fyi, 7 Island package is including BBQ with wide variety of choices of seafood or other dishes on the beach. Watch the sunset in the distance and enjoy our meal.
Then it’s time for one of the last adventures of the day which is fluorescent plankton. These little creatures light up in the dark, which is nothing less but a fairytale

- Return back to the boat transfer to the pier and hotel

Day 4

- Checkout hotel at 11AM. Time to shopping!
- Then take a shuttle bus to Krabi bus station. 100 Bhat per head around 3.30pm
- Get ticket for private van at 5pm from Krabi bus terminal to Hatyai bus terminal. It cost around 230 Baht (5 hours)
- Reached at Hatyai 10pm. Sadly, bus terminal already closed huhu ggwp. Stay 1 night at Hatyai

Day 5

- 8am : Buy bus ticket from Hatyai - Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, KL. Bus ticket cost us 650 baht per head

- Bus depart at 6pm. So, we took private taxi for Hatyai - Songkhla tour. It cost us 1200 baht  for two person after negotiate with the agent / driver huhu

- Ticket one way bus from Hatyai to Kuala Lumpur 650Bhat per head.
- Reached at KL around 4am because but stop many places huh (angry face)

- 7am go to work with barai face lol

Lets started it! HERE WE GO!

excuse my eyebag and barai face *no sleep one day

ETS ticket from KL Sentral to Padang Besar cost RM102 one way

    From Padang Besar to Hatyai Junction, we're buy train ticket about RM10 per person. After immigration and kastam, we reached from Padang Besar to Hatyai Junction about 1 hour+. You can check timetables and fares at this State Railway of Thailand website. Click HERE to check. 

State Railway of Thailand

      Finally, we're reached at Hatyai Junction. You can take a tuk tuk/taxi here and tell them your next destination. We take tuk tuk from Hatyai Junction to Hatyai Bus Terminal about 100baht for 2 person. Time travelling around 10 mins. From Hatyai Bus Terminal to Krabi town its cost 160baht per person. But 5 hourssss okayyy just awake and sleep. We rather choose bus than van but it's up to you. From Krabi town to Ao nang, we have no choice as no taxi, tuk tuk at 10pm. So sad. The taxi driver charges us 600baht for 2 person from Krabi town to Ao Nang, Krabi. I think its quite expensive but hmm its okay then. So lets every picture tells a story ;

Tuk tuk from 100-200 Thai Bhat

Our group tour. Nice to meet them!

oh i just fall in love with beach 

My one and only one ❤ 

     We choose 7 Island Sunset Tour  package as we dont want to rush early morning. The tour start afternoon and end after sunset. We leave Ao Nang on a big boat. Its similar like speed boat. What is special about this package is you can discover all the 7 most beautiful islands near Krabi with sightseeing & wonderful locations including a nice buffet. During the trip we will make 7 stops at Phra Nang Cave Beach, Koh Tan Ming, Koh Si, Tup Islets, Chicken Island, Poda Island and a plankton stop near Railay. It cost us 900 baht per person.  Great value for money. Beautiful lively corals and so many different kind of fish. Im so excited. Lets every picture tells a story ;

Poda Island

Nice view Poda Island

long tail boat


     Next destination is, Samila Beach located at Songkhla. We hired private taxi from Central Hatyai to Samila Beach about 45 minutes. If you’ll visit Samila beach Songkhla, you must see the prominent symbol of the town which is the bronze mermaid.  I enjoyed the street food right beside the beach. There are places to sit and relax and many selling stands for food and souvenirs. The mermaid statue is the main attraction in Songkhla. Other than the statue, there's nothing much to see in that area apart of from the beach.


      Hatyai is the largest city in Songkhla Province and one of the largest cities in Thailand as well. Yet Hatyai’s popularity has nowhere near the international traveler popularity of its big city siblings. Hatyai is a popular travel destination for Malaysians and Singaporeans, but still a bit off the radar for the average western traveler. Before we took bus and go back to Malaysia, we're exploring Hatyai town and it is the time for sunset-hunting yay! Should you visit Hatyai, Thailand? Yes! And it’s definitely worth exploring for a few days or a long weekend



      Thank you for reading and sorry for spamming :p I wish i can repeat again and capturing beautiful moment. Many thanks to my loved one for capture every moment. Our world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day. No wonder that traveling in one of the best forms of recreation even looking at these pictures takes your mind to far away places. If you have any question, just drop your comment below. Mind to follow my personal Instagram : @dya_marshmello (self promote ehem!) Until we see again, goodbye Krabi-Hatyai-Songkhla.

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